Israeli Defence Forces Recover Bodies of Abducted Soldiers in Gaza

Tel Aviv: The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) reported on Friday the recovery of two soldiers’ bodies abducted and taken to Gaza during the October 7 Hamas attack. The victims, identified as Cpl Nik Beizer (19) and Sgt Ron Sherman (19), were taken from their respective bases near the Erez Crossing and the Gaza border.

Cpl Beizer, abducted from the IDF’s Gaza District Coordination and Liaison, coordinated permits and goods passage at the Erez Crossing. Sgt Sherman was taken from his army base near the Gaza border. The IDF expressed condolences to their families and pledged continued support.

The announcement followed the recovery of 28-year-old Elia Toledano’s body, kidnapped during the Supernova Festival attack. The IDF’s Unit 504 and the 551st Brigade conducted the operation, bringing Toledano’s body back to Israel. The circumstances of his death were not disclosed.

Six hostage bodies, including Toledano’s, have been retrieved in Gaza. The Supernova Festival attack resulted in around 360 casualties, with 36 hostages taken. Israel, reporting over 1,200 casualties, secured the release of 110 hostages during a humanitarian pause from November 24 to 30.

Approximately 133 people are estimated to remain captive in Gaza, with the IDF confirming the deaths of around 20 hostages still in Hamas captivity. The truce facilitated the release of 86 Israeli and 24 foreign national hostages, with four released before the temporary ceasefire.

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