Kim Jong-un Tortures and Throws General into Piranha Tank in Brutal Execution: Reports

Pyongyang: The supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un has reportedly executed a high-ranking general under gruesome circumstances, allegedly using a piranha-filled tank.

The general, whose identity remains undisclosed, was accused of plotting a coup. He was reportedly tortured before being thrown into the tank, which was filled with hundreds of piranhas imported from Brazil.

It is unclear whether the general died from the piranhas, his wounds, or drowning. However, this brutal execution aligns with Kim’s history of ruling through fear and intimidation.

Since ascending to power in 2011, Kim has reportedly executed 16 high-ranking officials, including the army chief, Central Bank CEO, and foreign ambassadors. This methodical brutality aims to instill fear among adversaries and even trusted aides, underscoring the severe consequences of perceived disloyalty.

While the practicality of using piranhas for executions can be debated, it reflects Kim’s strategy of leveraging fear as a political instrument, reinforcing his reputation for ruthless leadership.

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