Meta Launches Artificial Intelligence Assistants & Facebook Streaming Glasses

Meta Platforms Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday unveiled new AI products for consumers. They included bots that create photo-realistic images and smart glasses that answer questions, as well as an updated virtual-reality headset.

According to Zuckerberg, these products will bring together virtual and real worlds. Meta is offering low-cost or free AI that could be integrated into daily routines.

Meta’s Quest is the bestseller in the nascent VR space.

Zuckerberg said a new generation of Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses would start shipping on Oct 17, priced at $299.

The device will incorporate a new Meta AI assistant and be capable of livestreaming broadcasts of what a user is seeing directly to Facebook and Instagram.

Meta also announced that it was building a platform that developers and ordinary people alike may use to create custom AI bots of their own, which will have profiles on Instagram and Facebook and eventually appear as avatars in the metaverse.

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