Outrage Over Murder Conviction of Mexican Woman Who Fought Back Against Rapist

Mexico City: A Mexican woman, Roxana Ruiz, who defended herself against a man who attacked and raped her, has been sentenced to over six years in prison. The decision has sparked outrage from experts and feminist groups, highlighting Mexico’s poor record in addressing gender-based violence.

The ruling was criticized as discriminatory, and Ruiz’s legal defence plans to appeal. The case sheds light on the normalization of gender-based violence in Mexico and the need for change.

This case has generated concerns about the message it sends to women, suggesting that the law allows self-defence only to a certain extent. Women’s rights groups argue that it retraumatizes survivors and fails to consider cases from a gender perspective.

Mexico has faced alarming rates of sexual violence, with nearly half of Mexican women experiencing it in their lifetime. In 2022, there were 3,754 registered intentional killings of women, indicating a significant issue of underreporting and lack of justice for victims.

The sentencing of Roxana Ruiz may discourage women from reporting gender-based violence or defending themselves. It emphasizes the urgency of addressing the normalization of violence against women and implementing systemic changes to protect survivors.

Protests have taken place outside the courtroom, with women demanding justice and expressing support for Ruiz. Her emotional plea emphasizes the impact on her and her desire to be there for her young son.

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