Thief Files Case Against Police After Sustaining Dog Bite During Crime Scene Escape

A 24-year-old man, Sonnie Stow, is taking legal action against the police in England following an incident where he was bitten by a police dog while trying to escape on a stolen motorcycle. The incident occurred last month when Stow was fleeing from a violent confrontation. Police dogs were deployed and managed to apprehend Stow, with one of them biting him in the stomach.

The police reported that Stow had stolen a 125cc Benelli motorcycle from a car park in Hull, East Yorkshire. He was allegedly showing off at a local Burger King outlet when a fight broke out after the owner of another parked bike confronted Stow and his accomplice, Dawid Krajzer. During the altercation, the bike fell on a customer, resulting in a broken leg.

After the scuffle, Stow and Krajzer fled the scene, prompting a police chase. Stow attempted to evade capture by riding on the footpath and going against traffic. However, he was struck by a patrol car, resulting in a broken leg. Subsequently, two police dogs were deployed and managed to apprehend Stow, with one inflicting a significant bite to his abdomen, causing an open wound requiring stitches and regular dressing.

During the court proceedings, Stow’s defence lawyer, Julia Braggs, acknowledged his involvement in the incident and expressed remorse for the injuries caused. She described the incident as a deeply unpleasant attempted robbery and emphasized that it was not premeditated.

Stow was ultimately sentenced to four and a half years in prison, along with a three-year and three-month driving ban, according to Express.

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