Google Developing Automated Flight Mode Activation During Flights for Android: Reports

Google is reportedly developing a new Android feature that automatically activates Airplane mode during flights, as per a patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The technology aims to enhance Airplane mode functionalities and streamline the user experience. Currently, users must manually enable Airplane mode while flying, which disconnects all device connections.

The proposed connected flight mode feature utilizes various sensors and signals to detect the commencement of a flight, including pressure drop, acceleration/velocity, cabin sounds, ultrasonic signals, GPS signals, Cellular ID, and Wi-Fi signals. Once enabled, the feature disables automatic backups, background application refreshes, and updates to ensure compliance with flight regulations.

In addition to the sensor-based activation, Google’s connected flight mode also leverages travel booking activity and check-in status to automatically enable the feature. This innovation eliminates the need for users to manually activate flight mode during boarding. Furthermore, the feature offers selective network connectivity options such as in-flight Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Upon landing, the connected flight mode feature seamlessly transitions the device back to normal mode by reactivating cellular connections and restoring standard settings. Unlike traditional flight mode, which disables all wireless connections, including cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, Google’s connected flight mode allows users to enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while in flight if desired.

In other news, Google is reportedly testing an “Undo” button for its GBoard Android keyboard. This feature, currently available in the GBoard beta version, enables users to easily recover deleted text. The addition of the Undo option aims to enhance the typing experience on Android devices.

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