Google Play Store Introduces Simultaneous App Downloads

Google is rolling out a new feature on its Play Store that allows Android users to download and install multiple apps simultaneously, speeding up the setup process for new devices and providing quicker access to newly installed apps. This update eliminates the Play Store’s queue system, enabling users to select and download two apps concurrently.

The feature, available on devices running Android 14 with Play Store version 40.6.31, enables users to track download progress within the Play Store and on the home screen. While the simultaneous downloads apply only to new app installations and not updates, users can still benefit from faster setups, especially when downloading large applications like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

However, there’s a limit of two simultaneous downloads, with any additional apps selected for download remaining in a “Pending” state until one of the first two is completed. Google may consider increasing this limit in the future.

In related news, Google is reportedly exploring a new ‘app quarantine’ feature in the Play Store to safeguard against potentially harmful apps. According to Android Authority, this feature, first revealed in the Android 14 QPR2 Beta 1, could restrict the functions of quarantined apps while keeping them visible on the device. However, it’s uncertain if this feature will be included in the upcoming Android 15 release or a future update.

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