Netflix Is Looking For Flight Attendant; Offers ₹3 Crores Salary

California: Streaming behemoth Netflix is looking for a new flight attendant to join its ‘dream crew’. The company is offering an annual salary of over Rs 3 crores ($385,000) for the role.

The position was posted online by the streaming company and would be located in San Jose, California, not far from the Los Gatos headquarters of Netflix.

The employee would serve as the primary flight attendant on a Super Midsize Jet, and among their responsibilities would include inspecting the emergency equipment in the cockpit, gallery, and cabin as well as carrying out safety and emergency protocols. The aircraft would also need to be stocked by them.

According to the private aviation company IBC Aviation, Super Midsize Jets have seven to nine seats and have a range of up to 6,200 kilometres, or five to six hours, depending on the number of passengers.

Notably, following a decrease in profits and a decline in members, Netflix fired 150 staff last year, largely in the US. The layoffs affected 2% of the workforce nationwide.

The business said that because of its “slowing revenue growth,” it also had to slow cost growth.

Following the disclosure of its first decline in subscriber numbers in a decade in April 2022, Netflix’s stock price fell 30%, erasing $47 billion (£38 billion) from the company’s value.

While competitors like Disney had tremendous growth in the first three months of the year, Netflix lost 200,000 users.

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