Twitter Fiasco: No Severance For Fired Employees Even After 2 Months

San Francisco: The content moderation team at Twitter has seen more layoffs by Elon Musk, while some of the workers let go in prior rounds of layoffs last year did not get the severance payments he had promised them.

According to a Fortune article, some of the Twitter employees who were let go in November and during subsequent rounds of employment cuts did not receive the promised severance payments.

After months of waiting, “several former Twitter employees finally received their official severance agreements on Saturday,” according to the newspaper.

The report continued, “However, the payout is significantly less than what many expected, and the emails are ending up in spam bins.

In a series of layoffs, Musk fired almost three-fourths of the 7,500-person workforce, stating that those affected would receive “3 months of severance money.”

However, according to the report, “the agreements sent allow laid-off employees in the US one month of basic pay as severance.”

The official severance agreements were scheduled to be sent to at least 5,500 Twitter employees who had been laid off.

Severance agreements were sent out by a third-party service provider called “CPT Group,” however not all impacted employees got them.

The report added that employees “will not be receiving their prorated performance bonuses.”

Former Twitter employees also have the choice to sign or reject the deal after checking in and viewing their severance agreement, it added.

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