Wife stabs her husband and cut him into pieces…

Terrible steps after infidelity. The wife brutally killed her husband, not only this; the woman cut her husband’s body into several pieces and kept the body in her house. Several days later, the incident came to light when the neighbors started smelling the smell coming from the woman’s house. Now the police have arrested the woman on the charge of murdering her husband.

According to information, this case has come from Tehran province of Iran, where a 22-year-old woman has been arrested in the case of murder. The woman allegedly stabbed her husband to death and then cut his body into several pieces.

Local media reported that police found the body of the woman’s 30-year-old husband in the city of Eslamshahr in Tehran province. Police officers received a call from a neighbor of the woman who reported a foul odor coming from her home. After searching, the body was recovered from the house. It was said that the woman saw her husband with his girlfriend. Because of this, a debate started between both of them. The husband brought a knife. He said I will kill you. But after some time, the woman stabbed her husband in the stomach and bit him.

During interrogation, the woman told the police – the husband was beating me and my five-year-old daughter. He was also cheating on me. I was annoyed by his behavior, so I killed him. The woman claimed she killed her husband because of an affair he had with another woman. The woman got married seven years ago when she was only 15 years old.

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