Japanese Man Becomes Dog Spending Rs 12 Lakh

A Japanese man named Toco has transformed himself into a by donning a custom-made collie costume. For this transformation, he had to spend 2 million Yen (Rs 12 lakh).

It took 40 days to make the unusual garment that could transform Toco into a dog. Toco has shared several videos on his Youtube channel, which has around 33,000 subscribers.

Recently he uploaded a video of himself stepping out in public for the very first time. People all around were surprised to see this human-dog.  Toco can be seen interacting with people and other dogs. This video was filmed in 2022 during an interview with German TV station RTL.

In the video, Toco behaves just like a real dog. Toco has not revealed his real identity in public. He says, from childhood, he had the desire to become an animal.

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