Adani’s Company made Gaurav Bomb, having 100 Km range

Indian Air Force is launching new weapons to fight the enemies. At the moment, India needed such a bomb that could destroy the enemy’s target while gliding. Indian businessman Gautam Adani’s company Adani Defense and Aerospace has prepared Gaurav Bomb.

This bomb floats in the air and drops its target on the ground. The model of Gaurav Bomb was done by DRDO, its manufacturing has been done by ‘Adani Defense and Aerospace’. Last year itself, this 1000 kg deadly bomb was successfully tested by the Air Force. The Air Force needed a smart bomb, which could automatically navigate its target and fly it in the air. For this, DRDO had designed two anti-bombs and gave the responsibility of making it to ‘Adani Defense and Aerospace’. Adani’s company has manufactured both the bombs.

The weight of this bomb is 1000 kg, it is capable of eliminating long-range targets, its range is 100 km, the upgraded range has become 150 km. At the same time, the second Gotham is a 550 kg bomb without a wing. The length of both is 4 meters. The diameter of both is 0.62 m. It fuses the proximity as soon as it makes contact with the target. The explosive explodes. Both the bombs have inertial navigation system. At the same time, let us tell you that the upgrade range of both is 50 to 150 km.

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