Amit Shah Launches CRCS-Sahara Portal to Help 10 Crore Depositors Get Refund Within 45 Days

New Delhi: The Minister for Cooperation, Amit Shah, launched the CRCS-Sahara Refund Portal on Tuesday. The portal is aimed at refunding the hard-earned money of crores of depositors in four cooperative societies of the Sahara Group.

Shah said that this is the first time when depositors are getting refunds in a case where multiple government agencies are involved. He assured the depositors that no one can stop their money now and that they will get the refund within 45 days after registering on the portal.

The portal has been developed by a subsidiary of IFCI, and depositors can submit their legitimate claims through it. Two important requirements are Aadhaar registration with mobile and Aadhaar-linking with the bank account where the refund is to be deposited.

Shah said that about 2.5 crore people have deposits of up to Rs 30,000 in the four cooperative societies. The corpus of Rs 5,000 crore would be able to take care of the needs of 1.7 crore depositors in the first phase.

Once the Rs 5,000 crore is utilised, the government will approach the Supreme Court and request them to release more money so that the total refund of other depositors with higher amounts are processed.

To facilitate depositors, Common Services Centre (CSC) are being roped in to help and guide them for online registration.

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