Gold Worth ₹83 Lakh Concealed Inside Cigarette Pack Seized at Chandigarh Airport

Chandigarh: In a recent and innovative smuggling attempt, authorities at Chandigarh Airport successfully apprehended two individuals who were attempting to transport 12 gold biscuits cleverly concealed within a cigarette packet. The gold biscuits, collectively weighing 1.4 kilograms, were valued at ₹83 lakh.

The incident occurred as two passengers arrived in Chandigarh on an Indigo flight originating from Dubai. Customs officials, guided by passenger profiling techniques, acted swiftly to intercept the suspects, leading to the discovery of the concealed gold biscuits.

The duo has been arrested and is now facing legal consequences. An investigation is underway to uncover any potential accomplices or further details related to the smuggling operation.

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