Gold Worth ₹2.6 Crore Seized, 5 Arrested at Delhi Airport in Smuggling Bust

New Delhi: Five men were arrested by customs officials at the international airport in connection with a significant gold smuggling operation. The detainees were involved in two separate cases investigated by the authorities at IGI airport.

In the first instance, four individuals, two of whom arrived on Tuesday and the remaining two on Wednesday from Bangkok, were intercepted by officials. After conducting a thorough search of their persons and belongings, the officials discovered 4 kg of gold (1 kg from each passenger), with an estimated value of ₹2.09 crore. Consequently, the accused were arrested, and the gold was seized.

In the second case, a man who arrived from Bangkok on Tuesday was stopped for inspection. Upon conducting a personal and baggage search, the passenger confessed to concealing 1.25 kg of gold paste (including packaging material) inside three oval-shaped capsules covered in black adhesive tape, concealed within his rectum. Subsequently, 1.07 kg of gold, valued at ₹56.43 lakh, was recovered from the capsules. The individual was arrested, and the gold was seized.

The customs department has taken swift action in apprehending these individuals involved in smuggling gold worth over ₹2.6 crore. The successful interceptions and subsequent arrests demonstrate the commitment of authorities to curbing illegal activities at the airport.

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