ECI Calls All-Party Meeting Tomorrow Over Remote Voting Machine

New Delhi: The presidents of all the national parties have been invited by the Election Commission to a meeting tomorrow to discuss and see the Remote Voting Machine in action.

Members of the Technical Expert Committee will also be in attendance. The election body has suggested adding “remote voting” for domestic migrants, which would use a multi-constituency electronic voting system that would keep all of the current EVMs’ security measures.

Up to 72 different constituencies can be handled by this modified EVM from a single remote polling location. The migrants’ socioeconomic situation may change if the initiative is put into action.

The EC has also asked recognised political parties to submit written feedback by January 31 on a number of relevant topics, including any necessary modifications to domestic immigrant voting laws, administrative processes, or alternative voting methods.

The Commission will handle the process of putting the remote voting system into place based on the input from various stakeholders and the prototype’s presentation.

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