Election Commission Urges Political Parties to Keep Children Out of Campaign Activities

New Delhi: The Election Commission issued a directive ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, urging political parties to refrain from involving children in any campaign-related activities. The advisory emphasized the Commission’s “zero tolerance” stance on the use of children during the electoral process. Candidates and political leaders were specifically instructed not to use children for activities such as distributing posters, pamphlets, or participating in sloganeering.

The Election Commission extended the prohibition to include holding children in arms, carrying them in vehicles or at rallies, and any use of children to create a political campaign semblance. The statement clarified that the presence of a child with their parent or guardian near a political leader, without involvement in campaign activities, would not be considered a violation.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar reiterated the pivotal role of political parties as key stakeholders, urging them to actively uphold democratic values. The directive comes in anticipation of the upcoming parliamentary polls, highlighting the Commission’s commitment to ensuring a fair and child-friendly electoral environment.

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