Gas Cylinder Explodes In A Building Near Odia Gali In Aurangabad; 30 Scorched

Aurangabad: A two-story building in Bihar’s Aurangabad reportedly caught fire after a gas cylinder exploded, inflicting as many as 30 injuries. The structure, which is located near Odia Gali on one of the city’s smallest lanes, started a significant fire after an explosion rattled the vicinity. The injured have been brought to Sadar Hospital, where they are receiving care.

While putting out the fire, seven police officers also suffered burns, and they were taken to Sadar Hospital.

According to sources, the fire started while Chhath Puja preparations were underway at a house on Murphy Radio’s Street near Old GT Road, where the women of the house were preparing prasad for the celebration when the cylinder started to leak, and it wasn’t discovered until a gas pipe exploded with a tremendous noise.

Numerous people were affected by the catastrophe, including more than 30 victims of the severe blast. The raging flames even burned the police officers who rushed to put out the fire.

All the wounded individuals were rushed to the Sadar Hospital.

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