India To Deploy An All-Women’s Platoon Of Peacekeepers to UN Mission in Sudan

New Delhi: A platoon of women peacekeepers from India will join the UN mission in Sudan. According to the Permanent Mission of India to the UN, this will be India’s largest single unit of female peacekeepers in a UN Mission since it sent the first-ever all-female force to Liberia in 2007.

The Indian contingent, which consists of two officers and 25 Other Ranks, will be a member of an Engagement platoon and focus on community engagement while also contributing significantly to security-related duties.

Additionally, the deployment in Abyei will symbolise India’s intention to considerably increase the proportion of Indian women serving in peacekeeping contingents. The mission has the power to use force to defend people and relief workers in Abyei. It has been entrusted with keeping an eye on the hotspot border between the north and south and facilitating the flow of humanitarian aid.

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