Culvert on Jammu-Rajouri Highway Swept Away by Flash Floods; Traffic Diverted

Rajouri/Jammu: Flash floods caused by heavy rainfall have resulted in the destruction of a culvert on the Jammu-Rajouri highway, prompting immediate traffic diversions, according to authorities. This incident occurred in the Rajal Top area of Nowshera, as the heavy rains struck late Thursday night. As a result, numerous vehicles have been stranded on the highway since this morning.

The highway had been undergoing bridge construction at Rajal Top in Nowshera for the past month. To facilitate vehicle movement during this construction, a temporary culvert was erected. However, it succumbed to the force of the floodwaters.

In response to the situation, Divisional Traffic Inspector Ajaz Mirza has directed traffic diversions. Heavy vehicles, as well as passenger vehicles, are now rerouted from Siot to Kalakote-Rajouri, while private and light motor vehicles are diverted from Nowshera Bridge onto the Beri Pattan Sunderbani road.

Efforts to restore the highway are currently in progress, and authorities are working diligently to resolve the issue caused by the washed-away culvert.

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