Kota Hostel Staff to Receive Specialized Training Amidst Rising Student Suicides

Kota: In response to a concerning rise in student suicides in Kota, a prominent coaching hub in India, hostels in the city are offering training to wardens and staff members on how to better care for students. The training will cover topics such as mess management, psychological and behavioural counselling, and other aspects of student care.

The training is being offered by Jai Minesh Tribal University in collaboration with three hostel associations in Kota: Chambal Hostel Association, Coral Hostel Association, and Kota Hostels Association. The courses will have a duration of six months and a fee of Rs 8,000.

The training is being offered in response to the record number of student suicides this year. So far in 2023, there have been 23 student suicides in Kota, up from 15 in 2022.

The training is designed to help wardens and staff members identify early signs of stress and depression in students and provide them with the support they need. It will also teach them how to effectively communicate with students and parents, and how to address issues such as stress and food quality.

In addition to the training, the administration has implemented other measures to curb student suicides, such as the mandatory installation of anti-hanging devices in fans and a two-month exam hiatus at coaching institutes.

The Kota police are also collaborating with wardens, mess workers, and tiffin service providers to identify signs of depression or stress among students in hostels and PG accommodations.

These proactive measures aim to address the pressing issue of student suicides in Kota and protect the well-being of aspiring students in the coaching hub.

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