No Requisition Slip or ID Proof Required For Exchanging Rs 2000 Notes

Bhubaneswar: The State Bank of India (SBI) recently announced a convenient update for its customers. According to the bank, customers can now exchange their Rs 2,000 denomination bank notes without the need for a requisition slip.

Additionally, customers will not be required to provide any identity proof or fill out any forms when exchanging up to Rs 20,000 at a time.

SBI has instructed all its branches to cooperate and ensure a smooth and hassle-free exchange process that doesn’t inconvenience the public.

This move comes after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) declared its decision to withdraw Rs 2,000 notes from circulation. Citizens are urged to exchange these notes at banks before September 30.

All banks have been directed by the RBI to provide deposit and exchange facilities for Rs 2,000 banknotes until the aforementioned deadline. Furthermore, the RBI has instructed banks to discontinue issuing Rs 2,000 notes immediately.

While the RBI has not specified a limit for depositing Rs 2,000 notes in bank accounts, individuals will be allowed to exchange a maximum of Rs 20,000 (equivalent to 10 notes of Rs 2,000) for other currency notes at a time.

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