PM Modi Draws Parallel Between Mini-Skirts And Statues In Konark Temple

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday made an intriguing remark at the inaugural National Creators’ Awards ceremony in Delhi. During the event, which aimed to recognize exceptional talent across various fields, PM Modi drew a fascinating connection between modern fashion trends and ancient Indian artistry. He highlighted the presence of what could be considered as “mini skirts” on centuries-old sculptures at the renowned Sun Temple in Konark, emphasizing India’s historical penchant for fashion innovation.

Among the recipients of the awards was Janhvi Singh, a prominent 19-year-old content creator known for her advocacy of traditional Indian textiles and attire. PM Modi presented Singh with the Heritage Fashion Icon award, underscoring the importance of promoting India’s cultural identity through fashion.

Furthermore, PM Modi addressed the current trend of favouring ready-made garments and called for a renewed focus on promoting Indian wear internationally. He emphasized the vast potential for Indian fashion in the global market and stressed the need to showcase India’s unique cultural heritage through traditional attire.

The National Creators Awards, as announced by the government, aim to leverage creativity for positive transformation across various domains, including storytelling, environmental activism, education, and gaming. Notable awardees at the ceremony included Pankhti Pandey for her environmental advocacy, Keerthika Govindasamy for storytelling, Maithili Thakur as the Cultural Ambassador of the Year, Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji) for his contributions in the tech category, and Kamiya Jani as the Favourite Travel Creator.

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