PM Modi Inaugurates IIT Jammu Campus, Allocates ₹13,375 Cr for Various Projects

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of a series of development projects during his visit to Jammu on Tuesday, focusing on education and healthcare sectors. Among them, PM Modi inaugurated the permanent campus of several prestigious institutions including IITs and IIMs, with the IIT Jammu complex officially opened. This state-of-the-art academic hub boasts 52 labs, 104 faculty offices, and 27 lecture halls, along with hostel facilities accommodating approximately 1,450 students. Over 1,400 students are currently enrolled in various programs at the campus.

Additionally, the Prime Minister inaugurated AIIMS Jammu, a crucial addition to the region’s healthcare infrastructure. The event also saw the distribution of appointment orders to around 1500 new government recruits in Jammu and Kashmir.

In a bid to bolster education nationwide, PM Modi also inaugurated 20 new buildings for Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs) and 13 new Navodaya Vidyalayas (NVs).

A significant investment of ₹13,375 crore has been allocated to various educational projects, encompassing the establishment of permanent campuses for institutions like IIT Bhilai, IIT Tirupati, and IIITDM Kurnool. Additionally, the launch of the Indian Institute of Skills (IIS) in Kanpur and two campuses of Central Sanskrit University further underscores the government’s commitment to advancing education and skill development.

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