PM Modi Interacts With First Batch of Agniveers

New Delhi: In light of the challenges posed by cyber warfare and the emergence of new fronts for contactless warfare, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that technologically advanced soldiers will play a crucial role in the Indian Armed Forces. He claimed that the young people of today, in particular, have this capability and that as a result, the Agniveers will soon have a prominent position in the armed forces.

The first batch of Agniveers from the three Services, who have started their basic instruction by conferencing, was addressed by Modi when he made this statement. He claimed that the Armed Forces are being modernised and transformed into Aatmanirbhar and that New India is brimming with newfound vigour. Modi thanked the Agniveers for being the forerunners of the ground-breaking Agnipath Scheme and emphasised that this game-changing measure will strengthen the Indian Armed Forces and prepare them for the challenges that lay ahead. The young Agniveers will make the Armed Forces more modern and youthful, according to the Prime Minister.

He praised the Agniveers’ potential and stated that their zeal was a reflection of the military’s courage, which has always maintained the country’s flag flying high. He claimed that the knowledge they will gain from this will serve as a source of pride for the rest of their lives.

The Prime Minister also discussed how the programme will increase women’s emancipation in his remarks. He expressed his joy at the contribution that female Agniveers are making to the Naval forces and stated that he looks forward to seeing female Agniveers in all three forces.

Using the instances of female soldiers stationed in Siachen and female pilots of contemporary fighter planes, Modi also highlighted how women are leading the armed forces on numerous fronts. He urged Agniveers to develop a lifelong curiosity for learning new things while also aiming to increase their proficiency in the professions of their choosing. Prime Minister Modi praised the potential of young Agniveers and emphasised that they would be the ones to lead the country in the twenty-first century.

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