Putulbari of Kolkata has kept people in trouble for years; know what the painful story of this mansion is

Kolkata is a very beautiful city. It is also known as City of Joy. You must have seen many ancient historical buildings, gardens and museums here. Actually this city of West Bengal is very unique. But this city also has a terrifying aspect. There are many such places in the city, from where many horror stories are also associated. One of these is Putulbari Doll house. Almost everyone in Kolkata knows about this haunted doll house. Putulbari is located on 22 Har Chandra Malik Lane, next to the circular railway track and near Shobha Bazar Ghat. It takes courage to climb the stairs to the haunting and dark upper floors of Putulbari. People also avoid going near the building after sunset. After all, what is this Putulbari doll house and what is the fear of this place among the people here.

Putulbari is considered to be one of the most haunted houses in Kolkata. Its past is very scary. Putulbari is a very big mansion in Shobha Bazar, Kolkata. There was a lot of business in those days. The poor people living here were the slaves of these rich families. Since most of these houses were warehouses, the poor people living here were rented out by wealthy owners.

It is said that the owners of the haveli used to take advantage of the women working here. These women faced sexual harassment and torture for many years. Later they used to kill the women and buried them inside the property to hide their crime. Such incidents happened there too often.

In the midst of all this, the owner’s daughter has a strange attachment to the doll. She used to collect dolls of all sizes. There was a time when the haveli used to have the largest collection of dolls. Their passion can be gauged from the strange statue of a doll outside the building.

According to legends, the doll’s accustomed daughter died in an accident and the mansion became haunted after her death. If stories are to be believed, many people have lost their lives here. You will be surprised to know that there are still some dolls in the mansion. But, now it is gathering dust. Some people say that sometimes these dolls come to life. But no one knows whether this is completely true or not.

The people here still hear the screams of women from the dolls. This place is so scary that there is even an award for it. The people you meet when you reach the top floor of the doll’s dungeon without any fear.

The entrance of this building looks really dilapidated. As soon as you enter here, there is a big sign board in front. However, here it is written in red font in Bengali- Entry is strictly prohibited. Ignore rumors. Don’t spread rumors. Don’t fall prey to misinformation on social media. All the facts about the ghosts are completely wrong. Do not enter the house to prove this point. There is no evidence to prove that there is a haunted doll house, so people are advised not to visit Putulbari.

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