This place is considered to be the secret hill station of Himachal Pradesh, do these things in your trip to this place

We all go on trips to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and noise. It is our endeavor to go to such places, where the atmosphere is calm and there are beautiful views too. These travel wishes can be fulfilled only by going to a hill station i.e. hilly areas.

Do you know that there is also a secret hill station in Himachal Pradesh, which is considered to be a stronghold of hill stations? This is a gem hidden in the lap of the Himalayas, where very few people come for trips. The beautiful mountain views and greenery here are mesmerizing. We are talking about the Sainj Valley present in Himachal. This hidden hill station of Himachal is located just 45 km away from Kullu Valley.

Every tourist who comes here is just forced to think that why he did not come here earlier. Apart from roaming in Sainj Valley, activities can also be done. Know where you can roam after going here and what activities you can enjoy here.

Sainj village tour

Situated in the Sainj Valley, the village of Sainj is surrounded by beautiful mountains. This village looks very beautiful when viewed from the top of the mountain. You can enjoy the fresh air here, as well as this place is also the best for partying with the family.

Pundarik Rishi Lake

A lake is also present here, which is known as Pundarik Rishi. It is also related to religious faith of the people. By the way, if you go for a walk in this hill station with your partner, then definitely spend quality time with him by sitting on the banks of this lake. This method will not be less than any romantic moment and you will remember it till life time.


Sainj Valley is a mountainous area and here trekking is quite famous. Here the Himalaya National Park is present, which is also considered a trekking trek. If you are going to visit Sainj Valley and trekking is your hobby, then this place can prove to be the best option for you.

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