Nabarangpur This Winter: Stunning Waterfalls, Streams And Sunsets

Nabarangpur: Situated in the greeneries of southwestern Odisha, Nabarangpur District is a very spectacular District, functioning since 02.10.1992.

Prior to that, it was a vast sub-division of the erstwhile Koraput District. Its boundary stretches in the north to Raipur and west to Bastar Districts of Chhatisgarh.

The east side of Nabarangpur touches Kalahandi and Rayagada Districts and south to the Koraput Districts of Odisha. The river Indravati forms the border between Nabarangpur and Koraput Districts.

There are a lot of scenic beauties which makes the district attractive.

Chandan Dhara

Chandan Dhara is a natural waterfall situated in Jharigam Block 90 KM away from Nabarangpur and it is an ideal location for outings and picnics. The place is also remarkable for a natural Shiva Lingam.






Podagad remains of Ancient Nala Dynasty, situated at 11 KM From Umerkote. Podagad is a place nearer to Umerkote was the capital of the ancient Nala Dynasty.

The hill ranges of Podagad infested with deep forest preserves the remains of the ruling dynasties. Their caves, usable, inscriptions and habitable rock structures indicate that before the invasion of Mughals the place was ruled by the Nalas and the Bhakatakas After that Buddhists lived here for a longer period of time.

Hirli Dangar

Hirli Danger is situated at Gandhinagar of Nabarangpur town, where an ancient statue of lord Tirupati found and being worshiped. Near to Hirli Dangar Kusumjhar reserve is situated.

This place is famous for its scenic beauty and is a suitable place for a picnic. District Administration has constructed watchtowers, Park at the hilltop, to facilitate the same.

Hirli Dangar is situated near Gandhinagar about 2 Kms from Nabarangpur. Regular bus services are available to Nabarangpur from the major cities of Orissa. One can easily reach Hirli Dangar by auto-rickshaws available from Nabarangpur.

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