Rahul Gandhi Asked To Vacate Govt Bungalow Before April 22

New Delhi: Following his conviction in the defamation case and his disqualification as an MP, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been asked to vacate his official bungalow in Lutyens’ Delhi by April 22.

The Lok Sabha Housing Committee on Monday reportedly issued a notice to Rahul Gandhi to vacate the government-allotted bungalow.

Rahul Gandhi was allotted the 12, Tughlaq Lane bungalow after his election as a Lok Sabha MP in 2004.

However, on March 23, he was disqualified from his position as an MP by the Lok Sabha Secretariat due to his conviction in a criminal defamation case from 2019, which resulted in a two-year jail sentence handed down by a court in Surat.

With his disqualification, Rahul Gandhi is not only set to lose his government accommodation but also other benefits enjoyed by the parliamentarians.

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