Surviving 17 Days: Trapped Workers’ Routine Inside Uttarkashi Tunnel—Ludo, Prayers & Yoga

Uttarkashi: In a remarkable rescue mission, 41 construction workers, trapped for 17 days in Uttarakhand’s Silkyara tunnel, were successfully evacuated on Tuesday night. Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded their resilience, emphasizing their mental strength during challenging conditions.

The workers, confined within a 400-meter buffer zone, faced a blocked exit under rubble. In the initial phase, essentials were provided through a six-inch pipe. The second phase involved a complex escape passage construction, employing unconventional ‘rat hole mining’ due to machine failures.

Throughout their ordeal, the workers maintained morale, praying silently, playing ludo and bathing in natural water. Their camaraderie was evident as they thanked the Uttarakhand government and the CM.

The rescue, involving nearly 2000 personnel, stands as a significant humanitarian effort. Tunneling experts, NDRF, SDRF, and local authorities collaborated day and night. Currently under medical care, the workers are expected to be discharged soon from a Chinyalisaur community health center.

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