80 Girls Poisoned at Schools in Afghanistan

At least 80 girls were poisoned by miscreants in two schools in Afghanistan. All these girls were hospitalized.

According to reports, the incidents happened over Saturday and Sunday in the province of Sar-e-Pul in the north. Mohammad Rahmani, the director of the provincial department of education, said this poisoning incident occurred in the Sangcharak district among female students studying in classes 1 through 6.

As per reports,  60 children at Naswan-e-Kabod Aab School and 17 more at Naswan-e-Faizabad School were poisoned. Both these schools exist near to each other.

Initial investigation hinted that someone with a grudge paid a third party to carry out the attacks, reported Fox News.

Since the Taliban took over power in Afghanistan in 2021 girls are banned from education beyond sixth grade.

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