Cattle Can No More Roam on Bhubaneswar Roads, BMC’s Strict Order

Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation banned the movement of cattle on the roads of the capital city.

A notice was issued by BMC to cattle rearers and owners to not allow their cattle to roam hither and thither in the city.

The step was taken to put a check on increasing traffic obstruction and death due to accidents on road because of stray cattle.

BMC maintained in the notice that many of the road accidents are caused due to direct vehicular hits to the animal or because the driver of the vehicle had to turn to avoid hitting the animals on the road.

Animals on street are accident-prone and pose many problems during the night when the visibility becomes poor and the movement of the vehicles increases.

BMC also informed that persons allowing their cattle to roam on the road under the jurisdiction of BMC will be treated as illegal.

If found on the street, cattle will be lifted and maintained at the AWC at Jamukoli, AWC at Jatni Municipality, and Govind Go Sevashram, Puri, the civic body said in a notice.

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