Camel Beauty World Cup in Qatar

Along with the Men’s Football World Cup, Qatar is also hosting a unique international beauty pageant of camels. Camels from several Gulf countries have arrived in Qatar to take part in this event called the “camel beauty World Cup”.

In this event organized at the Qatar Camel Mzayen Club in Ash-Shahaniyah, the humped beauties are competing to be named the most attractive, reported news agency Reuters. The participating camels are divided into different categories depending on their age and breed.

But before the start of the competition, all participating camels were thoroughly checked using X-rays. It was done to avoid fraud. Owners of some participants try to enhance the beauty of their camels by surgical methods, which are not allowed in this competition.

In 2021 during a camel beauty pageant in Saudi Arabia, 43 competitors were disqualified because botox injections and cosmetic surgeries had been used to enhance the beauty of these camels.

Through cosmetic surgery lips of camels are made droopier and their humps are reshaped. These are key beauty aspects of camels during any beauty competition.

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