Cars Seized from Drunk Drivers in Latvia Sent to Ukraine as Help in War

Hundreds of cars seized from drunk drivers in Latvia will be donated to the Ukrainian military and hospitals by the Latvia government. Recently seven cars were driven in a snowstorm onto a trailer to be transported to Ukraine. They are being sent to Ukraine under the plan, approved by the Latvian parliament last month.

Latvia is making this donation of cars under a new scheme designed to help the war effort in Ukraine.

From February to May 2022, over 900 vehicles from Latvia were sent to Ukraine. In total Latvia has donated 1,200 vehicles to Ukraine.

Late last year, Latvia changed the law and two hundred cars were taken from drivers found with blood alcohol levels over 0.15% in two months. An NGO named Twitter Convoy has been tasked by the Latvia government to deliver the vehicles seized from drunk drivers to Ukraine.

Latvia authorities have pledged to hand over two dozen cars a week to Twitter Convoy, a Latvian charity that sends donated vehicles to Ukraine. Drunk driving is a major problem in Latvia.

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