CCTV installed for snakes; Snake bites have increased since the beginning of the month of Shravana

Uttar Pradesh: There is an atmosphere of fear these days in the Tohdi village of Baghpat. One snake has so far killed four people in the village, including a woman. One person also died due to a snake bite. Villagers said that snakes have been seen roaming around people’s beds and houses in the dark of night.

People have also installed CCTV cameras at home to monitor the snake’s movements. CCTV footage of a snake crawling in the bed of two people has also come to light. People are also afraid to sleep in their homes.

The case is from Tahiti village in the Barut district, where Ashok Sharma died due to a snake bite. Besides, a woman living in the village and three other people were also bitten by the snake. Incidents of snakebites have increased in the village after the month of Shravana. Because of this people are forced to live in the shadow of fear.

The people of the village said that so far the snake has bitten four people in the village. People in houses where snakes are seen cannot sleep all night. The fear of snakes is so high that people called the panchayat and talked about finding ways to deal with it.

The villagers do not understand why the snake is attacking the village so much. People now imagine differently. The villagers said that this problem should be solved as soon as possible so that they can sleep in peace in their homes.

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