Class 8 Student Fills Pothole after His Grandpa Meets Accident Because of It  

Puducherry: Thirteen-year-old Masilamani, who studies in Class 8, filled up a pothole that caused an accident injuring his grandfather in Sendhanatham village in the Villianoor area. Because of this pothole, his grandfather had fallen from his bike a few days ago.

The child was worried about the fact that the authorities did not fill up the potholes and the road in his area was in extremely bad condition.

So, this 13-year-old student collected cement, sand, gravel, and other materials. He mixed them up to fill up the pothole.

Former MLA, Vayyapuri Manikandan appreciated the youngster’s efforts and presented him with a book. Neighbours of the young student presented him with shawls for his noble deed.

According to the inhabitants of the village, the Puducherry-Pathukannu road is in bad condition for the last seven years. This boy’s act has made the authorities conscious of the problem.

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