Free schemes cannot be curbed, many times political parties are unable to win even by making promises- Supreme Court

New Delhi: The Supreme Court said that we cannot stop the free schemes announced by the political parties. Chief Justice NV. A bench headed by Ramana said this on Wednesday. The Chief Justice said that it is the government’s job to work for the welfare of the people. The court said it was a matter of concern how public money would be spent.

This issue is very complicated. So the question also arises whether the court has the power to make any decision on this issue.

The Chief Justice said that it was a complex issue as to which scheme could be included in the declaration of freedom and which could not. According to the report, the chief justice said, “We cannot stop making promises to political parties. The question is which promises are true. Can we accept the promise of free education as free? Can the provision of free drinking water and a few units of electricity also be considered free? Or the consumer.” The distribution of goods and electronics can be included in welfare schemes.

However, the court said, “What is the cause of concern now is what can be the right way to spend the public’s taxes.” Some people say that money is being misused. Some people say that these schemes are beneficial for the people. This issue is getting complicated. You can give your opinion. After debate and discussion, we can decide on it. Not only this, the court said that political parties do not win based on promises alone. He said that sometimes political parties make promises, but even then they cannot win. The court has decided to hear the case next week.

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