Is Putin Seriously Ill? Recent Rumours Reignite Debate on Social Media

As per reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin while speaking with his Cuban counterpart Miguel Diaz- on Tuesday was seen to be tightly gripping the arm of his chair. Photos and videos from that meeting show Putin’s hands turning purple! He was also moving his legs uncomfortably. This was published in a UK based newspaper.

Earlier this month, some photos showing strange marks and black colour on Putin’s hands had been circulated on social media. Many suspected that they were marks of intravenous injections.

A few months ago, a US intelligence report suspected that Putin may be suffering from an “advanced form of cancer”. The Russian President turned 70 in October.

But Russian authorities have not remarked anything regarding these rumours related to Putin’s health. So, speculations and gossip about his health condition are high on social media.

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