Is the world going to end? AI posted human’s last selfie

Increasing global warming and continuously melting glaciers are ringing alarm bells for humans. Most of the countries of the world are taking various measures to deal with it. In such a situation, if you are asked to imagine what the last selfie before the end of the earth will look like, then you will be wondering, but an artificial intelligence (AI) image generator has made it possible, which is going viral.

Four creepy pictures created by DALL-E2 with the help of AI, which looks like a robot. It has the big eyes and long fingers of a human. Behind this picture looking like a skeleton, the cities are being destroyed like the world has ended. Plumes of smoke can also be seen around the frightening skeleton. Posting the collage of this picture, AI Image Generator wrote in the caption that it was made at the behest of someone but the results are very accurate. This is Earth’s last selfie.

After seeing this picture, many users have given their feedback. One has written that now the time has come for us to change our living habits. At the same time, another user advised to go to another planet. One has raised questions about the quality of the camera. He wrote that at least the quality of the camera is fine.

Global warming is not something that will suddenly destroy the world. It is a continuous process that takes years. The temperature of the earth is gradually increasing. The biggest reason for this is the burning of fossil fuels and the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Its effects have started showing in some countries of the world. These are the countries which are situated on the shores of the sea. When we use such gases and fuels continuously, it leads to melting of glaciers, which causes sea level to rise. The cities situated on its banks are most at risk from the rising water level.

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