LinkedIn users beware! You are a target of hackers, know how to stay safe

New Delhi: Cyber criminals are also taking advantage of the popularity of professional networking platform LinkedIn. Cybercriminals steal people’s personal information and try to target them in a variety of ways. This is why it has become a top brand for hackers to steal people’s personal information through fishing attacks.

Regarding this, a report by Check Point Research has said that in the case of fishing attacks with 45% attacks, LinkedIn has been number one in the second quarter of this year. Similarly, LinkedIn’s parent company Microsoft is number two in fishing attacks, with 13 percent of phishing attacks on Microsoft. DHL came in third with 12 percent, followed by Adidas, Adobe, and HSBC in the top 10.

“Phishing emails have become an essential tool for hackers,” said Omer Dembinsky, data research group manager at Checkpoint Software. It allows hackers to target millions of users at low cost. The cybercriminals take advantage of the LinkedIn brand to mislead users about their security. It then tries to steal users’ personal information.

The researcher further said that the scam related to Microsoft is increasing rapidly which is very dangerous. It is dangerous for the individual as well as the organization associated with him. Because once hackers have access to the login ID, they are able to steal other data. This scam starts with a scam email that looks like LinkedIn. This email is from a company address. But users click on such links and share their personal information. It is advised to beware of such emails.

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