Mother killed 3 daughters with poison

Patna: An inhuman incident has been seen in Bihar’s Buxar area. Not less than a son in today’s age. Various awareness programs are being conducted regarding this. It seems that it does not affect some people. A mother has been accused of killing her 3 daughters in Gaya village of Buxar district because she did not have a son.

The incident created panic in the entire area and the accused woman was arrested by the police. The accused is known to be Pinky Yadav, wife of Suni Yadav of Gayaghat village. When three daughters were born, her in-laws were scornful of her. Worried and disturbed, the woman took the extreme and cruel decision of killing her child. The ages of the three dead girls are 11 years, 8 years, and 6 years. The woman strangled three people and confessed to the police. The police arrived at the scene and seized the bodies and sent them for autopsy. The police officer said that the investigation will go ahead after the autopsy report.

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