Pak Cricketer Wasim Akram was a Cocaine Addict

Former Pakistan captain and star bowler Wasim Akram was a cocaine addict. He himself has disclosed it in his autobiography, ‘Sultan A Memoir’.

The former left-arm seamer was kept in a rehab centre in Pakistan for his drug addiction. He was kept there against his will. He spoke about this during a recent interview.

Akram said he was kept in this rehab centre in Pakistan for two-and-a-half months against his will. According to him, keeping someone in a rehab centre against his will is illegal in the world, but not in Pakistan.

According to Akram, he got addicted to cocaine while in England. He first tried the drug at a party and then got hooked to it. At that time he had retired from cricket and his kids were young.

Bowing down to his wife’s wish, he preferred to stay for some time in the rehab centre for drug addicts, which was against his will. He claims it was a tough and horrible time.

But he had to change himself when his wife passed away and he had to look after his children.

Akram has played 104 test matches for Pakistan picking up 414 wickets. He is still the highest wicket taker of Pakistan in test cricket. He also has 502 wickets to his credit in 356 ODIs.


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