Solar Powered Emergency Call Boxes Installed on NH16 in Odisha for Help During Emergencies

Bhubaneswar: The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has installed solar-powered emergency call boxes on NH-16 between Baramunda and Chandikhole in Odisha to provide timely help in case of road accidents and other emergencies. The NHAI has installed 34 such call boxes on the side of this stretch of NH-16.

These call boxes attached to poles by the side of the highway are linked to the nearest police station, fire station, and ambulance services to assist in receiving any SOS call.

These special call boxes are placed at two-kilometre gaps. These GPS technology-equipped cal boxes provide a voice communication facility. In an emergency, individuals can press the call button of the box and connect with an operator, and a response team will reach the spot immediately.

These solar-powered boxes installed on both sides of the highway are weather-resistant.

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