Sonia Gandhi Supports Women’s Reservation Bill, Says “Implement Immediately”

New Delhi: In a historic move Narendra Modi-led government tabled the Women’s Reservation Bill in the parliament on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi initiated the discussion in the Lok Sabha and extended support to the Women’s Reservation Bill.

In her speech, she said this bill was the dream of former PM Rajiv Gandhi. She raised questions about the delay in its implementation. She wanted immediate implementation of the Women’s Reservation Bill by removing all obstacles in its path. “Any delay in implementing Women’s Reservation Bill will be a gross injustice to Indian women”, she added.

Making an important suggestion, she said, “Congress demands that Women’s Quota Bill be implemented immediately with sub-quota for SCs, STs, OBCs.”

Extending her support to the passage of the bill, she said, “It is a very touching moment of my life. The first time, the Constitutional Amendment determining women’s participation in local bodies was brought by my life partner Rajiv Gandhi.”


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