Trained Kites of Indian Army to Prey on Pakistani Drones on Border

New Delhi: Indian Army has started using trained kites to thwart anti-India activities of Pakistani drones in border areas. Usually, Pakistani drones are used to airdrop drugs, arms, and ammunition. At present security forces shoot down these drones whenever they are sighted in areas bordering Pakistan.

This is the first-of-its-kind use of birds of prey for security purposes by the defense forces.

Indian Army demonstrated the use of these trained kites to track and destroy enemy drones during the ongoing Indo-US joint training exercise ‘Yudh Abhyas 22’ in Uttarakhand’s Auli.

Kites can fly very high in the sky. They have the capacity to spot their prey from a long distance. These inborn skills of kites are being used by the Indian Army to counter the rising Pakistani drone menace. For centuries kites are used in India as trained hunting birds. Now they have started to look after India’s security on the border.

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