3 months old Child dies 12 days after vaccination, family files case

A 3 months old kid dies 12 days after receiving pentavalent vaccine in Jajpur district of Odisha. The matter is of Sankha village of Dharmsala block. On July 20, a man named Babu Sethi visited nearby anganwadi to to vaccinate his 3 months old son with Pentavalent Vaccine. Actually, Pentavalent Vaccine is given to protect children from 5 hazardous diseases like diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, hepatitis B and Hib.

According to news, the kid was given polio drops with pentavalent vaccine. After reaching home, the kid’s health started deteriorating. He started crying loudly. He got fever. His health kept deteriorating continuously and on Monday he lost his life.

The father of the child has lodged a case regarding this in the police station. Child’s mother said that when the kid’s health started deteriorating, she took him to the anganwadi center. The workers at anganwadi said that fever will stay for 48 hours and after that the child will be fine. They didn’t give any medicine.

The relatives said that they agreed to what the anganwadi workers said and didn’t give any medicine. But when child’s health didn’t recover even after 48 hours, they took the child to Badachana Community Health Center on 22nd July. From there, the doctor referred the child to Cuttack nursing home where the child died while treatment.

The mother has blamed an anganwadi worker, an accredited social health worker and an auxiliary nursing midwife for the child’s death.

On the other hand, Inspector Rakesh Tripathi of Dharmasala Police station said that a case has been registered on the complaints of the relatives. The child’s body has been sent for postmortem. Further action will be taken after the report is received.


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