Followers Offering Puja At Barimula Sarathi Ashram Shakes Social Media

Bhubaneswar: Self-proclaimed godman Sarathi alias Santosh Roul is still grabbing headlines. It doesn’t matter whether he is in his sermon place, Kendrapara’s Barimula, or anywhere.

After Orissa Hight Court barred him to go his ashram in Kendrapara, he is at large. The court had also restricted people to enter the ashram but a video of Sarathi’s followers worshipping his photo in the ashram went viral on Saturday. They can also be seen offering a mass prayer.

Meanwhile, the video of some people were seen placing the photo of him on a pedestal, doing yajna, and offering ‘puja’ with flowers and sandalwood paste.

Now the question arises that how the followers could enter the ashram when the Enforcement Directorate (ED) had already attached the properties of Sarathi

Reportedly, Sarathi was released from Choudwar Circle Jail on July 25, 2019, after getting bail on July 17, 2019. The court had directed him not to influence witnesses and cooperate in the investigation process. He was also prohibited from going to his ashram at Barimula in Kendrapara district.

Born in Ganjam, Sarathi was accused of sexually and physically assaulting women and defrauding his followers. He was arrested by the Crime Branch from his Barimula ashram on August 8, 2015.

Following his arrest, a woman and her daughter pressed charges against him for sexual and physical exploitation. Sarathi also had reportedly robbed them of their gold ornaments and money following which a case was lodged against him.

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