Indonesian Crew Member in Cocaine Bust Takes Desperate Jump into Sea at Paradip Port

Paradip: A crew member from an Indonesian cargo ship implicated in a massive cocaine seizure at Paradip Port attempted suicide by jumping overboard on Sunday. The accused, one of three crew members detained in the case, allegedly cut his wrist before leaping into the sea, leaving him in critical condition at the Paradip Port Hospital.

The incident stems from the December 2023 discovery of approximately 22 kg of cocaine, valued at a staggering Rs 220 crore, aboard the “MV Debi” docked at Paradip. Acting on a tip from a vigilant crane operator who spotted suspicious packages, authorities conducted a thorough search on the intervening night of November 30 and December 1.

The “MV Debi,” which had arrived from Indonesia and was destined for Denmark, became the centre of an extensive investigation. A total of 10 individuals, including the three crew members, six crane operators, and a stevedoring staff member, were detained for questioning.

While details surrounding the accused crew member’s motives remain unclear, his desperate act underscores the mounting pressure and potential fear associated with involvement in this high-profile drug trafficking case.

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