Jewellery Showroom in Jajpur Robbed of Crores

Jajpur: A well-known jewellery showroom in Vyasanagar town, Odisha, became the target of a broad daylight robbery. The incident involved a group of seven unidentified individuals who looted ornaments worth crores from the establishment. During the robbery, they launched attacks on the showroom staff, customers, and security guards, creating a highly threatening environment.

The showroom, known as Senco Gold and Diamonds, has been a prominent presence in the area for an extended period. The heist took place around 1:30 pm on a Monday when two individuals entered the shop posing as customers. While one of them engaged with the gold section, the other went to the restroom and contacted three additional accomplices through a phone call.

Afterwards, the remaining two members, who were waiting outside, joined the group, resulting in a total of seven perpetrators executing the heist. The criminals began by intimidating and restraining the employees, attacking two customers, and seizing their mobile phones. When the security guards attempted to intervene, the miscreants assaulted them and took possession of their firearms.

The gang proceeded to loot nearly 17 kg of gold and diamond jewellery, leaving behind some silver ornaments, before swiftly escaping from the scene. Although the exact value of the stolen items is yet to be determined, it is estimated to be around Rs 12 crores.

Following the incident, some female staff members who suffered injuries during the attack were immediately hospitalized. In response, the police arrived at the scene and launched an investigation. They are meticulously reviewing the available CCTV footage to identify and apprehend the culprits responsible for this audacious crime.

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