Crocodile Menace Persists in Kendrapara: Another Life Lost to Brutal Attack

Kendrapara district in coastal Odisha continues to experience a distressing surge in human-animal conflict, with yet another tragic incident of a crocodile attack resulting in a fatality. The latest victim, Gangadhara Tarai, an elderly man from Ghagaradiha village, fell prey to a crocodile while attending to nature’s call near the Brahmani river on Thursday.

Upon receiving the information, the Fire Services personnel promptly arrived at the village and initiated an intensive search operation. After several hours of searching, Tarai’s lifeless body was recovered from the river. Pratap Majhi, an eyewitness, recounted the harrowing incident, stating that Tarai was attacked by the crocodile while he was in the water. Despite Majhi’s attempts to intervene, he was unable to save Tarai from his unfortunate fate.

Regrettably, this marks the third fatality caused by crocodile attacks in the Kendrapara district within a span of just three weeks. The previous victims include Ashutosh Acharya, a fifth-grade student from Nimpur village, and Sita Das, a woman from Hatiagadi village in Rajnagar block. The local community has expressed frustration towards the forest department officials, accusing them of inaction in the face of these recurring tragedies.

The alarming frequency of such incidents highlights the pressing need for effective measures to mitigate the human-animal conflict in the area. Enhanced efforts are required to ensure the safety and well-being of residents who encounter these dangerous situations. By addressing this issue proactively, the authorities can work towards preventing further loss of life and fostering a harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife in Kendrapara district.

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